Windows Phone 8 Solutions: Access made simple, direct & under control

Apps & Solutions need not take a bulk or an age to get served. With right people, practices, tools & knowledge you can win mesmerizing apps at inexpensive terms. Windows Phone 8 is known now after its great chattered release & modified structure that was unseen till date. Microsoft has been serving timeless & modern products every time & so is the case this time. To target Windows Phone 8 solutions & apps you can break down the ice & set remarkable record with professional services & exceptional apps. Weblineindia is a premium & trusted partner for Windows Phone platform since years. Similar as the preceding editions, we adapted & put hands-on to all areas of Windows Phone 8 SDK. Also we employ Windows Phone teams to dedicate their expertise & working time on the specialized domain and sector. Clients can find no similarity in case of our hiring methods as they are constructed after deep research & proper evaluation of on-going trends & market offerings. In many cases you many find gaps in one of the other term where intruders tempt clients by just showcasing the cost saving figures. No, we don’t adapt this method instead unlike others we give you serious savings in bundles of variants.

It is simple, clean & client-driven to hire Windows Phone 8 developer from Weblineindia. Know how:

    Easily choose professionals from available Windows 8 catalysts. We can offer our HR teams’ help if required.

  • Start with your style of observing the skills & talents and filter the best ones
  • Select a developer or an entire team who you & us think can be of most help for project
  • Start discussing terms & way of hiring. You don’t need to get involved in unnecessary costs. We help you with right & only vital system.
  • Hire on hourly, weekly, daily or fixed basis. If the project is long & complex then you can also hire on monthly or full time basis
  • Go through transparent & fully uncovered service agreement with your decided terms

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Your Windows Phone 8 developer immediately starts working after you agree with the service agreement. Get apps, software or solutions developed in any category or genre. We give straight & visible benefits through hiring system and they are:

  • Once we join hands our developer is totally committed towards your project
  • We put on dedicated efforts strictly for 8 hours per day & 5 days per week
  • Holidays & leaves are agreed upon mutually
  • You are free to interact with the developer whenever you find it necessary
  • Developer works in parallel to your office or working timings
  • Adjustable reporting & update system – daily, weekly, bi-monthly etc
  • Your way of monitoring & controlling. If you require we offer project manager who takes care of project development.
  • Systematic development where you are made aware of each phase accomplished
  • Rights & ownership are always yours
  • Complete privacy of your data & information
  • Full support and timely turnaround

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