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Google bump

Google grabs Bump – the Contact Sharing Mobile App

Bump, the early winning contact sharing mobile app became very successful soon after its emergence. Sadly it did lack to gain the bulk revenues. For now Google will help it to survive as it has purchased it. Bump is a contact sharing app that enables users to tap their devices and at a time and share ...
iTunes - ©

iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S are out while iTunes Radio will release on September 18th

Few days are left for Apple to bring a new phase in its revolutionary music land iTunes. The giant will release iTunes Radio on September 18th with almost 200 unseen features as part of the newest iOS system. Also it’s widespread assumptions are that it would be likely to the renowned competitor, Pandora, ...
Apple iWork

Apple will offer iWork, iLife apps at no cost for new customers

Apple wants to delight its business customers by offering them some free apps in return of buying latest devices of the company. On Apple’s Cupertino HO, CEO Tim Cook declared that the leading company would initiate its giving of five free apps from iWork and iLife segments like Keynote, iPhoto, iMovie, ...
Facebook Terms policies

Whilst privacy war boiling, Facebook chooses to still its policies

Facebook decides not to bring any updates in its policies until next week, the social leader revealed recently. Several consumer supervising committees have advised FTC to seize the modifications that they suggest would open clear ways for the company to use the identities, pictures and private information ...
Google - ©

Google buys WIMM for its upcoming Smart Watch making project

The web giant Google is keen on developing its smart watch and so it purchased WIMM Labs for bringing solid competition in the wearable smart devices’ market. The search leader didn’t disclose any information on the deal, accomplished in 2012. WIMM Labs established in Los Altos, California, had released ...
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